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News show. Featureing a free sample of new pay-to-download Underwood and Flinch story, Disturbing the Devil.

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Chapter One: The Journey to Jamaica.

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Dracula, Episode 3. Jonathan Harker meets Count Dracula.

Also includes details about the release of Underwood and Flinch's ebook release on Sunday July 14th 2013.

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Chapter One: Part Two.

Jonathan Harker's Journal. Despite the warnings and best efforts of local people to prevent him from doing so, Jonathan continues his journey to Castle Dracula.

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Chapter One. part One. Jonathan Harker's Diary.

Jonathan Harker, a newly qualified English solicitor, journeys from England to the Carpathian Mountains. His destination: the castle of the mysterious Count Dracula!

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The last episode of the Underwood and Flinch podcast - the Q and A episode. Mike Bennett answers listeners' questions on all things Underwood and Flinch, including the future of the series.

Music from: The Big Bad Wolf

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The conclusion to Underwood and Flinch.

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David finally gets to meet Sergei.

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David, Damo and Miguel arrive at Sergei's club in Malaga, looking for trouble - and finding it.

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Episode 41, in which David arrives at the scene of the fire, Miguel tells tales, and Damo makes a remarkable find.

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