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Pickman's Model by H.P. Lovecraft

Something for the Weekend Extra! Mike Bennett reads H.P. Lovecraft's, Pickman's Model.

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Soometimes Jan 1st (Thing 4)

Happy New Year! Here's the final part of HP Lovecraft's The Thing on the Doorstep!

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Sometimes Reanimator Part 4

HP Lovecraft's, Herbert West: Reanimator. Part 4. The Scream of the Dead.

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Underwood and Flinch 40

Damo and Keith struggle to escape the inferno.

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Underwood and Flinch 39

Michelle and Keith - both still under Underwood's spell - await the return of their master at La Reina de Corazones. Will Underwood return for Michelle, or does fate have other plans for Mr and Mrs Mullins?

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Underwood and Flinch 38

Underwood and Flinch's night out at El Chupeton - part 2. David's story continues. Secrets, revelations, conflicts ... and gin: something's gotta give.

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Underwood and Flinch 37

David tells Underwood how his mother came to be involved with Arthur and The Sect.


Horror Addicts

The New Fiction Writers Podcast

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Underwood and Flinch 36

With Underwood's origin tale told, we return to the present day and some of the other characters in the story. At La Reina de Corazones, Keith has problems explaining himself to Melanie, while in Malaga, Lydia has an appointment to see an old friend.

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Underwood and Flinch 35

Episode 35: Underwood explains how he returned to Matthias, no longer human, and possessed by an appetite for blood.

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Underwood and Flinch 34

Lord Underwood continues the story of his origins. A nightmarish creature has snatched Cullen, DeMatos and Dodd away to their deaths. Can Underwood, Matthias and Rudge work together in order to escape the island before the sun goes down? Or will it be every man for himself against the devil?

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