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E3 of my written for TV sitcom set in a 1990s music venue, Glitterballs. This time Tom gets an unusual request on a bands rider (the list of food, drinks, and other items the band's agent requires the gig promoter to provide for the band). Meanwhile Max and Doreen plan a swinging evening of their own. 

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Chapter ten of Bram Stoker's classic gothic horror novel. Read by Mike Bennett.


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Dracula Chapter 9.

Lucy's condition deteriorates. She recalls a strange flapping sound at her window ...

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Dracula Chapter 8.

Mina witnesses Lucy's encounter with a sinister being.

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The second episode of Glitterballs, my written-for-TV sitcom set in an music venue in a small English town in the mid-nineties.

This episode is called "Curry" ... because it's about a curry. Mmmmm.

I wrote in 1996, and this is the original unchanged script.

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The conclusion of After the Plague.

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After the Plague continues.

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After the Plague continues.

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After the Plague continues

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Meet Terry, and find out how the world went to Hell.

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